Merry Christmas

Nemesismax aAdmin posted Dec 25, 15

May your life be filled with joy and happiness and may each new day bring you moments to cherish.

Aeonic Gamers Staff

Mr_Doss Member and a happy hannukah

I'm happy to announce that thanks to Autsider, we now have a Space Engineers server.

We have created a sub-group for the server whitelist in steam, just join and you'll see the IP listed on the group.

Steam sub-group link:

Happy mining everyone!

Hello everyone;

This coming Monday, FlyingApples is leaving us to join the military. To be honest I have mixed feelings about this due to world's current situation but what's done is done.

You can find the original post by clicking here.

Stay safe Apples.

Aeonic Gamers Staff

Congratulations Trove Section

Nemesismax aAdmin posted Nov 9, 15

With their hard work, Trove section managed to gather total of 19 members under it's belt and earned to be our first in-development section. Nice going! Congratulations for getting out of kick-start.

New perks unlocked for Trove section:

  • The slogan they'll create will be shown under their forum name.
  • An Aeonic Gamers clan/guild/alliance banner will be created for them.
  • Additional Teamspeak channel

Aeonic Gamers Staff

Nemesismax aAdmin ahahahaah nice one Raath
Raath Member Oh, and here's a slogan suggestion from someone who doesn't play: "Trove is down again?"
Raath Member Noice!

Aeonic Gamers V3

jojjannes aOwner posted Oct 6, 15

Hello everyone!

This upcoming week, we're going to introduce Aeonic Gamers V3. With this update, we'll add a new system called sections where the community will be able to take part in growing our community and the games that we play.

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